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United States of Shabbat

Image #1: United States of Shabbat covers with left side fold

Images #2 – #4: covers and inside, fully open of New York and Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Shabbat invitations

 Image #5: Backside of self-mailers

After a year of hosting the very successful International Shabbat Series, Access, an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation for Jewish young professionals (YPs) in Cincinnati, Ohio challenged us to come up with another series that would keep the momentum going and offer YPs more fun and engaging opportunities to connect with one another and the Jewish community over Shabbat dinner.

We knew we needed a theme that would offer the same combination of unique foods, music, entertainment and more that the International series had afforded us. After considering many options, we took a page from our original playbook and stuck with the geography theme, but this time, we brought it back to the Homefront. That’s when The United States of Shabbat was born!

This time, we chose to go with a retro postcard look which really made a statement and again succeeded in attracting hundreds of YPs to Access’ Shabbat dinner series.