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Star Wars Hanukkah

Image, left to right: Cover with top fold, inside fully open, backside

Always on the lookout for unique themes to pique the interest of Jewish young professionals (YPs) and give them a reason to celebrate the Jewish holidays with one another, we took a page from our pop culture playbook and put on the most unforgettable Hanukkah party in the galaxy on behalf of Access, an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio!

In this case the new Star Wars series was about to come out in theaters in time for the holidays, so we decided to pay a tongue-in- cheek tribute to Han and his gang. We tried to stay true to the look and feel of the old movie trilogy and even took a little creative license with the iconic light saber to turn it into a fun Hanukkah spoof. The invitation created a ton of buzz and help attract record crowds to the event.