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Sit – Fit

Image left to right: Cover of brochure with left side fold, inside fully open. Followed by two advertisements in the JCC Kids’ Activity series

For decades, sitting in front of the TV or video game screen has been one of the most popular pastimes for children there is. Unfortunately, these are not activities that promote physical fitness or social interaction. But how do you compete for the time and attention of today’s busy parents who have choices to make about how they, and their children, spend their limited free time?

We knew we wanted to put the focus on the growing problem family’s face in finding ways to keep their children from leading sedentary lifestyles. But parents are bombarded with print and digital marketing on a regular basis, so how do you cut through the noise? We decided it had to be simple. Period.

This campaign, developed for the Mayerson JCC in Cincinnati, Ohio, was designed to sum up the issue in just a few words to create a powerful message that would grab mom and dad’s attention immediately. After all, parents already feel a certain sense of guilt when they put their kids in front of a screen, so we decided to leverage that sentiment in an upbeat way with bright colors and short words and phrases such as “Sit/Fit” and “Game/Game On”. This campaign included advertisements, posters, flyers, mailers and digital marketing and helped attract record registration numbers for the JCC’s children’s programming.