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Shabbat Shalom Hay!

Image left to right: Invitation cover with left side fold, inside fully open

The majority of Shalom Family’s constituents do not have Shabbat dinners on a regular basis, or ever. We were charged with coming up with a way to engage weakly connected young families in a Shabbat experience that might inspire them to continue the practice in their own homes. The date lent itself to a hands-on farm event perfect for kids of all ages, and offered a great way for parents to channel their Jewish overnight camping experience in a dining hall atmosphere complete with a Shabbat song session, bonfire and more.

While the program we designed had all the elements necessary to be a big success, we knew that without great marketing even something as fun and family friendly as this wouldn’t have gotten busy parents to rush home from work at the end of a long week, pack up the kids and head back out again for the evening. Our goal was to create something cute and appealing through the use of bright colors, whimsical illustrations and catchy copy. We chose the headline: Shabbat Shalom, Hay to be a play on the lyrics to a popular kids’ song, Shabbat Shalom, Hey! The result? The event was at full capacity and even had a waiting list.