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Schmooze for Twos

Images: 1 – left to right – cover with left side fold, inside of invitation fully open, followed by 2 – Fronts and backs of a postcard invitation.

Over the years, many thousands of Jewish young professionals (YPs) participated in events put on by Access, an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio aimed at connecting them to one another and the Jewish community. However, at a certain point there was a noticeable drop off of regular participants. Our team was asked to assess the situation and come up with programming and marketing strategy to reverse this trend.

As always, we started with a focus group. We gathered a cohort of former “regulars” to ask them why they no longer participated in Access events. We discovered, quite to our delight, that the reason the majority had discontinued coming was because they had met their significant other at a prior Access event. Now that they were either married or in a committed relationship, their social needs as a couple had changed.

That’s when we came up with the idea to start a program just for couples in committed relationships. We called it “Schmooze for Two’s” and marketed it as a way for couples in the Jewish community to meet others just like themselves. We decided to give it its own brand identity and settled on a fun, retro look and feel that attracted a lot of attention and helped single handedly bring these constituents back into the fold and helped them make important friendships that help keep them connected with the Jewish community. To this day, many remain good friends with the couples they met through Schmooze for Twos. Many ended up standing up in each other’s weddings, attending one another’s baby showers and going to Shalom Family events together when they had children.