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Rockwern Academy

Choosing a preschool is often one of the most important decisions parents will make in their young child’s life. For some, choosing a Jewish day school is a no brainer. For others, it’s not such an easy sell. In the interest of enticing families to consider the Jewish day school option, Rockwern Academy, a private Jewish day school in Cincinnati, Ohio asked us to design ads for the local parenting magazines. As always, we first set out to understand our target audience.

After conducting a series of focus groups with parents of preschool children, we discovered that safety and trust were two of the biggest factors they took into consideration when deciding where to send their child. For some, preschool would be the first time that they would be separated for any length of time from their child which caused a certain amount of anxiety.
But ALL were anxious when it came to issues around school safety, a common concern in this current climate.

As a result, we came up with a simple but effective headline: “When he’s not with you, where do you want him to be?” The subhead, “Rockwern Academy, where Apples and Honey is more than just a healthy snack” was intended to send the message that Rockwern Academy is the next best thing to home, where children are surrounded with Jewish values and tradition… a comforting notion for many young Jewish parents.