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JCC Fresh

The Mayerson JCC in Cincinnati, Ohio always something to usher in the Jewish holidays. For Rosh Hashanah each year the tradition had been to pass out apples and honey sticks to members and guests the day before the holiday. It was a nice way to wish one and all a happy New Year and educate Jewish and non-Jewish visitors about the holiday. However, in an attempt to help the JCC take things to the next level, we conceived of and implemented a full- blown Farmer’s Market in the JCC parking lot.

Of course, the star of this Rosh Hashanah marketing piece had to be an apple. The design we came up with was crisp, fresh and modern to expand upon the apple theme and help the piece stand out amongst a sea of other fall farmer’s market promotions. It worked! Nearly 1,000 people attended in a four-hour period and the event is now a very popular JCC staple.