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International Shabbat Series

Images: 1 Invitation covers with top fold, 2 Inside of invitations fully open, from left to right – Russian Shabbat goes with brown bear cover, Indian Shabbat goes with elephant cover, Mexican Shabbat goes with donkey cover, Italian Shabbat goes with Statue of David cover, 3 Inside of invitations fully open, from left to right – Farm Shabbat, goes with cow cover, Israeli Shabbat, goes with camel cover

It’s not easy to find ways to engage Jewish young professionals when so many other things are competing for their time and attention. Our job was to come up with opportunities for them to connect with one another and the Jewish community in a Jewish context. But how do you do that when so many of them don’t necessarily care about doing anything in a Jewish context?

The majority weren’t going to the Shabbat dinners that local congregation and organizations were hosting. To many it felt like these groups had an agenda to turn them into “super Jews” who would donate money and take on leadership positions, something most of these 20 and 30 somethings weren’t ready for, now or maybe ever. We decided that just putting on a traditional Shabbat dinner wasn’t going fare any better for Access than it was for any of the other organizations.

That’s when we came up with the idea to have an international Shabbat series that would offer a unique theme every other month that lent itself to great food, music, entertainment and of course,