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Hocus Pocus Purim

Image from left to right: Four separate oversized playing cards – Card #1 is the reverse side of the King card and serves as the “cover card.” Each subsequent card matches the look and feel of the rabbit in the hat card and includes information about the event on the reverse side of the Queen and Jack.

Lots of Jewish organizations host Purim carnivals. Shalom Family, an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio always strived to turn that tradition on its ear to offer a whole new level of Purim fun for young families. After coming up with the program themes and marketing for many of Shalom Family’s prior Purim events (i.e., Wild West Purim Fest, Hamentaschen Hip Hop…) our team wondered how on earth we were going to keep topping ourselves. But when we hit on the Hocus Pocus Purim idea, we realized that there were a lot more great ideas where those came from.

In keeping with the magic theme, we chose to focus on playing cards, the iconic staple in every magician’s toolbox! We created three oversized picture cards to resemble the famous characters from the Purim story, which added a fun and whimsical touch, helping to attract over 750 people to this event.