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Hamentaschen Hip Hop

Image top row: Cover with left side fold | Bottom row: Inside fully open 

The Purim carnival… an old standby that has practically been around since Ahasvarosh ruled the Persian Empire. And while these carnivals always attract a certain contingent of young families, we wanted to take things to the next level and see if we could engage a whole new audience who might not otherwise attend a program in the Jewish community. Once again, we looked to pop culture for inspiration and came up with the Hamentaschen Hip Hop, Purim Concert and Carnival.

While the event still had many of the same elements that kids have come to count on, such as games and prizes, by adding a few new components, such as a musical concert, balloon sculptures and more, it transformed the program into something totally different and exciting. The real key to our success was putting energy into coming up with a relevant theme and, of course, a catchy name for the event, along with eye catching marketing materials to get everyone’s attention. In the end, Hamentaschen Hip Hop became the “don’t miss event” of the season, attracting almost 750 people that afternoon!