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Image left to right: Invitation cover with top fold, inside fully open

Here’s a situation in which the date of an event just happened to give way to an entire programmatic and design theme. When we realized the date for an upcoming Jewish young professional (YP) social event, featuring a popular Israeli DJ, fell on April 20th we decided to have some “pop culture” fun.

It so happens that the number 4/20 is slang for cannabis. And while this event by no means included, or promoted, the use of drugs, we knew that it would attract attention and generate buzz… which of course it did, resulting in capacity crowds. We took the phrase “Light up” and turned it into our theme, entitling the event “GLOW.” We used neon and blacklights to transform the event space into a clublike environment complete with an oxygen bar and more. People still talk about this invitation and the event, and appreciate that we took license to have a little innocent and unexpected fun with something that most Jewish organizations would take pains to avoid.