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All Dressed Up and No Place to Go – Family

In a growing number of communities across the US, there are more people who are not affiliated with a congregation than who are. And while most don’t feel the void on a regular basis, when the High Holidays come around it’s a very different story. Unfortunately, if you don’t “belong” what do you do?

Temple Sholom in Cincinnati, Ohio, a progressive congregation that prides itself on welcoming one and all, member or not, was looking for an attention-grabbing way to attract unaffiliated people to their High Holiday services. But so was every other Temple and Synagogue in town. Our challenge was to create an advertising campaign that would stand out, not just graphically, but programmatically, and speak to those looking for a fresh alternative.

Thanks to a combined total of four decades of family programming experience, our team was able to design a cutting-edge lineup of interactive programs for young families. After all, you can have the world’s greatest marketing campaign but if the program(s) you’re driving them to aren’t fantastic you’ll never be successful!

Next, we borrowed a headline from another very successful campaign we had developed for a different demographic. We then created an eye-catching to appeal to this audience. It worked! Hundreds of parents and children participated in the programs two years in a row. In fact, when the wife and children of an assistant Rabbi at another congregation showed up, we knew we were really on to something!