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Who We Are .

While the Be Bold Creative team takes pride in our many accomplishments, we never stop striving to live up to our name by producing standout programs and marketing that help Jewish organizations reach their audiences in new and impactful ways.  We have worked with congregations of every size, as well as every type of Jewish organization, from JCC’s, Federations and Hillels, to Jewish camps and youth groups, day schools and foundations.  We are a small but very effective group of innovative change-makers, successful program developers, high tech experts and skilled event planners who understand that making impactful and lasting change begins with daring to Be Bold!

Our Executive Team


Pam Saeks


Pam has built a reputation as a game changer, known for pushing the envelope with innovative ideas that put a twist on traditional ways of doing things. She has decades of experience and an impressive track record in Jewish program development, marketing and event planning.  She has launched dozens of successful Jewish non-profit startup initiatives, using creative marketing strategies to raise awareness, build brand loyalty and foster meaningful and lasting relationships with the target audience.

As the former Director of Jewish Innovation and Engagement at The Mayerson Foundation, Pam spent nearly 18 years turning old ideas on their heads, experimenting with new methods, taking risks and learning as much from her mistakes as she did from her successes. The Mayerson Foundation believed in her ideas, vision, and out-of-the-box thinking so much that they created an Operating Foundation which unleashed the power of dreaming, creating, experimenting, failing, and course correcting.

There she developed and ran many successful initiatives which consistently attracted a large percentage of local unaffiliated Jewish families, teens, young professionals, interfaith couples, and Baby Boomers to Jewish life and the Jewish community at large. Over the years, many thousands of people not only came to these programs and events, they came back… again and again, something Pam considers to be one of the most important measures of success.  This work resulted in numerous marriages, lifelong friendships, congregational and organizational affiliation, committee and board membership, and leadership roles in the community, things she considers the very best measures of success!

When the Foundation decided to spend down its assets, Pam realized the unique opportunity she and her team had to use their collective experience to help other Jewish organizations “burst out of the box.” That’s when she started Be Bold Creative.  She continues to have a passion for making the Jewish world, and everything it touches, a better place!

“My life’s work has been devoted to cracking the code – to figuring out what it takes to move the needle toward greater Jewish engagement.  I’ve been able to take risks, experiment with new ways of thinking and spend time listening, observing and absorbing.  I know that not everyone who does this work is afforded those luxuries.  That’s why I started Be Bold Creative.  I want to share what I’ve learned with my fellow colleagues in the trenches… because I know how much is riding on us getting it right!


Trevor Evans

Creative Director

Trevor has nearly 20 years of experience in the marketing and design industry, with an emphasis on strategic visual communications and branding, website development, cutting edge graphic design, social media and more.  He is the former Marketing Director for The Mayerson Foundation’s Department of Jewish Innovation and Engagement, and was also responsible for running the Foundation’s Access initiative for Jewish Young Professionals.

Trevor has mastered the art of being able to identify not just what’s trending now, but is able to anticipate what the next big thing is going to be! Throughout his career he has created numerous brand identity systems, and thousands of pieces of print and digital collateral, including invitations, mailers, ads and other materials to promote Jewish organizations, their programs, services and events. He has also managed media contacts, created email campaignsand run successful social media programs, all which resulted in increasing audience reach and interaction and leading to more engagement and stronger user relationships.

Be it web design, photography, videography, project management and graphic design, Trevor has a “Swiss army knife” set of skills which provide him with the tools to triage any situation, or build something amazing, completely from scratch. Considered to be as tech savvy as he his creative, Trevor understands the importance of being able to develop eye-catching, out of the box marketing that gives organizations the edge when it comes to competing for the time and attention of today’s audiences… no matter what the program or event… no matter how big or small the organization!

“I help organizations define their purpose, reflect their intent and connect to their audiences through great design and marketing. I am dedicated to helping our clients take things to the next level with a look, feel and message that changes, improves or confirms audience perception, and causes them to interact and engage in meaningful ways. From the smallest social action project to a huge exhibition or fundraising event, marketing makes the difference between a program that’s just mediocre and one that’s a massive success.”

We’d love the opportunity to help you not just stay ahead of the curve… but set it!

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