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Why us .

Why is this agency different from all other agencies?

Because our agency is the only one of its kind that speaks your language… Literally!  

We get firsthand the unique needs and challenges that Jewish organizations face in reaching new audiences and retaining the ones they have.

We get:

  • That the “$36” suggested donation on your invitation copy isn’t a typo
  • Why the color yellow isn’t an option for the rebranding of your Jewish star logo
  • That it would be real a no-no to plan a young adult happy hour on Tisha B’Av
  • That “chai” doesn’t refer to a drink you can order at Starbucks!

Be Bold Creative has an intimate understanding of Judaism, its traditions, trends, rituals and peoplehood. That, combined with our proven track record of success in engaging thousands of people in Jewish life, will give you the edge when it comes to increasing your organization’s impact through standout marketing, program development, event planning and more!

We create show-stopping print and digital marketing materials, identity systems, invitations, advertisements and promotional campaigns that get noticed.

We develop carefully crafted programs that are as engaging as they are meaningful… that are relevant and relatable and informed by the very people they serve.

We understand that those things matter, because gone are the days when people participate in Jewish life out of guilt or obligation. Today, competition for people’s time and attention is more fierce than ever before.

We ask questions, do our homework, and explore innovative solutions you might not have considered. We provide the proven expertise, direction and support to help our clients take a new approach to old, outdated ways of doing things!

If your organization is facing the challenge of declining participation like so many others across the country:

  • if your programming isn’t as popular as it once was
  • if your marketing isn’t making an impact
  • if your current offerings aren’t cutting it

If you want to try something different, reinvent your repertoire, change up your branding, refresh an old program or take a stab at doing something totally unexpected and new, we’d love to work with you!